Quandary Single Magazine Carrier


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The Quandary Single magazine carriers featuring the MRD, Developed by Tulster, the MRD (Manual Retention Device) is a user adjustable retention device which features unparalleled fitment adjustment in a precise molded carrier. From Concealed Carry, Training to Duty our carriers do not disappoint.


Available in the following configurations:

• Single Stack Single Mag

° Stack and a Half 9 Sub Compact Single Mag

• Double Stack 9/40 Single Mag

° Double Stack 45/10mm Single Mag


0.30 LBS
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Quandary single magazine holster

Posted by Rusty Taliaferro, 15th Aug 2019
Excellent quality and adjustablity.

Quality / Versatility

Posted by Ken K., 6th Apr 2019
Single magazine holders' have absolute superiority for carry location and quantity consideration, regarding concealed and open carry needs. The versatility and quality of the single magazine holder is the true question (IWB / OWB / left or right handed, etc.). I have used several "well known" brands over the years, and found versatility was there, but "quality" was always lacking. The "Long's Shadow Quandary" is absolutely the best single magazine carrier I have ever used. Its versatility (IWB / OWB/ AMBI) is easy to convert for your needs (I am a left handed shooter). But the quality of materials used and the focus on "custom" fit for the magazine in question, makes this product something special. Retention for both the carrier to the belt (OWB) or pants (IWB, no belt), and adjustable retention for the magazine itself are far above any competitor.

IWB mag holster

Posted by Rico, 2nd Oct 2018
Top notch quality, fit, and customer service. I will never buy a holster from anyone else but Long Shadow.
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