Antero Triple Mag Carrier (9/40 standard **Not for 2011 mags**)

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The Antero Triple Magazine Carrier features compatibility with over 60 9mm and 40 Cal magazines and was designed with Law Enforcement in mind. With multiple points of retention adjustment, each magazine will be secured with the same level of draw resistance.

*** The triple magazine carrier as designed by Long's Shadow Holster is intended for standard 9/40 magazines i.e. Glock 19, HK VP9, Springfield Armory XD 9/40, SIG P320, etc.  They will not work with 2011 magazines including, Staccato, 1911 DS Prodigy, Atlas, MBX. See the Antero Double Mag Carrier, Quandary Single Mag Carrier, and Huron Tactical/ Competition mag carrier for 2011 compatibility. If you are unsure if the magazines your are running will fit, please call (720) 453-3903 anytime Mon-Fri MT for assistance. ***