Antero MRD Double Magazine Carrier


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The Antero MRD Double magazine carrier is the newest revision to our classic Double Magazine Carrier. The MRD (Manual Retention Device), developed by Tulster, is a user adjustable retention module which features unparalleled fitment adjustment in a precise molded carrier. Our Antero MRD Double Magazine carriers do not disappoint. Each magazine is now capable of being independently adjusted for exacting fit.  No more "Tight Mag, Loose Mag" in training or on duty. 


Available in the following configurations:

• Single Stack Double Mag (1911, Ruger LC9/380, S&W Shield, etc.)

° Double Stack 9/40 Double Mag (Glock, HK, Springfield, etc.)

• Double Stack 45/10mm (Glock 20-21, XD-XDm 45, M&P 45)

° Double Stack 9/45/10mm (STI, MBX, Atlas, etc.)



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Antero MRD double mag

Posted by James, 28th Sep 2022
This is the second double mag I've ordered from Long Shadow. I'm a Deputy Sheriff in FL and have used this mag pouch for two years in a variety of conditions and it has never failed me. Strong retention but fast when you need a reload. Blows my Safariland pouch out of the water. With this pouch you can adjust the retention on both mags which is not possible with my issued Safariland pouch which leaves a mag looser then the other. I prefer the traditional sideways orientation of the magazines over the forward facing, you cant go wrong with this pouch. Longshadow also offers basket weave finish which looks great if your department requires it.

MRD double mag carrier basketweave

Posted by James, 30th Sep 2021
I’m a deputy in FL, was running the Safariland slimline forward facing mag pouch. Never really liked the forward facing mags as I’m used to the standard orientation I’ve been reloading from for years. Also the retention on the Safariland is not the greatest with one mag often being looser than the other. I’ve been running this mag carrier from LS Holsters for about a month now and it’s top notch, finally found what I was looking for and also the basketweave texture is some of the best I’ve seen for kydex, good if your department requires it.

mag holder review

Posted by Laura Woods, 17th Jun 2021
This mag holder is perfect Very easy to adjust for perfect fit Comfortable to wear

Great product and a great company!

Posted by Casey, 27th May 2021
Wear this mag carrier on a duty rig, it’s durable, looks great and it does its job. Long Shadow is a great company to work with!

Nice looking solid product. Great customized service.

Posted by Garrett Gross, 27th Jan 2021
Long's Shadow Holster was recommended to me by my firearms instructor who has a long history of military and law enforcement experience with a lot of different products. Before now, I had only carried a magazine pouch when issued one by an armorer, and would get whatever junk was at the top of the bin. I checked out a few other shops first to see if the price and selection were right, and Long's Shadow was dead on. Most of the places I looked didn't have anything on the shelf, and certainly couldn't speak intelligently about what I needed. I went into the shop and was presented with my options and a wise recommendation. I upped the game with a sweet camo print, and wore my mag pouch the next week at training. It sat comfortably on my hip, concealed well (camo print aside), and retained my magazines with a well-dialed in retention. I was given tools to adjust if needed, but was happy with where it was. Excellent product. Appreciate them walking me through the selection, options, and transaction. Highly recommend!

MRD Double Mag Carrier

Posted by Jef Madison, 16th Nov 2020
The mag carrier is amazing. The user adjustable retention is a must for any mag carrier. They hold the mags securely and even turning the carrier upside down and shaking it doesn't cause the magazines to fall out. The black multi-cam looks amazing.

Double magazine pouch

Posted by Barrett Smith, 5th May 2020
The double magazine pouch I purchased works great. The STI magazines fit in the pouch perfectly. Great product.

Great customer service

Posted by Juan, 17th Apr 2020
Great looking, great fit, and great customer service. I called with a question, and answered questions I dint know I had....

Mag carrier review

Posted by Scott Hester, 30th Jul 2019
The double mag carrier for my STI Tactical DS was absolutely perfect.
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