The Quandary "C" Appendix Carry Holster


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The All New Quandary "C" is our dedicated inside the waistband "Fold-Over" or "Taco" concealed holster featuring the DIY Concealment Claw. It is designed exclusively for Conceal Carry Citizens and undercover or off duty use by LEO and Military. This holster uses .080" and .093" Kydex which provides unparalleled Level 1 retention and durability.  The Quandary "C" is designed to work in the 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock positions (Appendix Carry - AIWB) and our spring steel belt clip is adjustable between -5 and 20 degree to suite your particular carry angle. 


*** Featuring the DIY Claw for the ultimate in concealment at the Appendix Carry Position ***



  • Adjustable Retention system utilizing a 3/32" Allen or Hex key for easy adjustment (included)
  • Minimalist cut for all day comfort
  • Hand sanded edges for snag free use
  • Partial Sweat Guard reduces the likelihood that your Firearm pinches upon re-holstering as well as mitigates rust and corrosion
  • User selectable Carry Angle 0 Degree (Straight Up and Down best for Appendix Carry) or 15 Degree (FBI Standard for Concealed Carry or Plain Clothing Duty)
  • Optional Suede Leather padding on the rear of the holster for comfort and sweat absorption





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IWB holster

Posted by Matt Matusek, 17th Mar 2023
Excellent construction with great concealment mixed in with super comfort.

Best concealed holster

Posted by Nicole F, 28th Feb 2023
I received this holster as a Christmas gift for my off-duty carry. My brother has the same one for his off-duty weapon and he highly recommended it. After the first use, I totally understood why. This is the best concealed holster that I've had. It's comfortable, secure, and not bulky.

Quandary C Appendix Carry Holster

Posted by John, 13th Nov 2022
I don't think you can obtain a better appendix carry holster than the Quandary C. all the accessories you want, a claw and stylish print Kydex, Light bearing? Not a problem. The most impressive part of the holster is the finish. The edges are consistent, smooth, rounded and the every detail was gone over twice. The Fit to my Sig 365X is excellent, with the red dot resting just to the top of the edge of the Kydex. I did replace the snug fitting 1.5 inch belt clip with soft loops, which is my own preference. Nothing wrong with the clips being made today, just a personal preference. You can pay more, but why would you? 5 stars! I wear a gun almost every day of the year, and that gun is always going to be carried in a Longs Shadow Holster.

Quandry C

Posted by Herman "Roy" Tyler, 5th Oct 2022
I have several Long Shadow products and they are my go to for concealed carry tools. I have tried several other such products and none fit me as well as Long Shadow. I have many of my students who have made the switch and are just as satisfied.

IWB for Walther PDP F series

Posted by Donna Ann Stephens, 19th Aug 2022
this is a great IWB. Thank you

Top Quality

Posted by Patrick Gross, 10th Jan 2022
I purchased an IWB holster for my everyday carry. I have purchased products from other manufacturers in the past that may have looked similar. But the quality and details that goes into the holster from Long's Shadow is no comparison. I highly recommend Long's Shadow holsters for any of your firearm needs.

Nice holster

Posted by Jeremiah, 17th Dec 2020
I really enjoy the metal clips offered with these holsters. One thing I don't like is how tight the fit is on my m&p 2.0. It's a little hard to get in without having to hold the slide from moving. Other than that it is a great holster.

Great Holster

Posted by Hunter W., 2nd Jul 2020
I really do like this holster. Very minimal and sleek. It does the job. One downside is that it doesn’t have a tight bite on the trigger guard without tightening down the tension screws too much. Also doesn’t provide much of an audible click when holstering into place. Both of which aren’t too big of a deal for me, just worth mentioning. Like I said - Great holster great quality. Nice to find a company that makes a nice holster for My Staccato C Duo

Quandary C holster

Posted by Zhen Wang, 15th Apr 2020
This is the best holster I have ever purchased, the workmanship was perfect and it can help me to conceal carry my STI pistol nicely close to my waist, I would highly recommend this manufacturer.
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