Crestone L2 Duty holster with Weapon Mounted Light


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** For Left Handed Crestone L2 options, please call (720) 453-3903 for availability. We're open 8 to 4 Mon- Fri Mountain Time. **

The Crestone L2 with Weapon Mounted Light is purpose built for the professional gun user in today's police and military services. Each holster is crafted to incredible tolerance and built for hard use. We know how these holsters get treated because we come from the same walks as you. Each Crestone L2 holster features a Level II retention Hood System, adjustable Level I friction retention, bomb proof accessories, and our signature look. 



  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee on all Crestone L2 products and services (see our "Warranty" tab at
  • Level II Retention system  
  • User adjustable Level I Retention utilizing  3/32" Allen key  (included)
  • The Crestone L2 is set to accept most industry standard hangers to include Safariland, Blade-tech, Comp-Tac, G-Code Attachments.
  • Hand sanded and buffed edges 
  • Includes: Premium materials and Premium accessories.
  • Threaded Barrel, Light/Laser, Suppressor Sights, Red Dot Optics can be included on select models. 

*Stand off refers to the size of the standoffs used to mount the holster to the belt accessory.

Agencies who use our gear

  • Adams County SO
  • Arapaho County SO
  • Arvada PD
  • Boulder County 
  • Boulder PD
  • Broomfield PD
  • Buckley Airfield OSI Federal Agents
  • Colorado State P
  • Denver PD
  • Denver Mint Federal Agents
  • Denver FBI Agents
  • Estes Park PD
  • Frederick PD
  • Firestone PD
  • Johnstown PD
  • LA PD
  • LA County SO
  • Lakewood PD
  • Long Beach PD
  • Longmont PD
  • Weld County SO
  • Westminster PD
  • US Marshals Service
  • US Marshals Service Special Operations Group
  • US Marines
  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Secret Service
  • Members of SOCOM
  • PD's in Norway
  • Norway Special Police
  • PD's in Finland






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Posted by Malcolm, 28th Jan 2023
I bought this for a non-standard spec duty pistol and the sales rep was VERY helpful via phone. The product itself is SOLID. Thank you!!

Holster Review

Posted by Thomas Szymczak, 12th Nov 2022
I like the holster. Only issue I have is that when I attempt to lock the hood into place to re-secure it, I have to lock it in with my thumb. It seems as if it doesn't latch into the lock position without manually locking it into place. I have other holsters that use Blade Tech Hardware as this has. I don't have the issue with my others. A little frustrated with that as I find myself constantly checking to make sure I am locked in. Response by owner of Long's Shadow Holster: reached out to Tom and provided a web link to our video tutorial explaining the operation of and reason behind hood placement. Customer understood and appreciated the contact as well as our dedication to safety.

Perfect fit!

Posted by Shaun S, 6th Aug 2022
This holster has a slim profile and makes a perfect fit. I use it for my duty Glock 22 with a RMR and a Modlite 350PL. The fit for the Surefire 300x was perfect. The fit for the Modlite 350PL was tight but it did fit. I also bought the same holster for my Staccato P. I'll be buying a third holster soon!

Crestone l2 duty holster

Posted by Kenneth yoder, 2nd Mar 2022
Great product great service fit is perfect love the look and function of the holster. 2nd one I have purchased from longs good work guys

Staccato users get the optic cut

Posted by Chad, 27th Aug 2021
Got mine in the mail today, but it seems like the newer staccato models use longer adjustable rear sights standard now versus some of the older models, which made me have to shave down the holster slightly at the front for a proper fit. The materials are solid, the hood release is simple to use.

Great product!

Posted by Casey, 27th May 2021
Wear this rig everyday for work and its been great! Light weight but durable, shines up nice. Long Shadow has been a great company to buy from!


Posted by E>Franks, 4th Apr 2021
Quality is fantastic, fit and finish was tight and smooth. Joshua helped me on the phone for as long as I needed. Customer service was great. Shipped the same day. Strongly recommend this company for all of your holster needs.

Nice holster with some

Posted by Zack, 5th Feb 2021
Definitely seems well made and durable. I am happy with it. Been wearing it on duty a couple weeks now. Only duty holster I could find for my p226/ x300 light with RTI hanger, so this company definitely offers the right options. Went to this from a gcode holster but had to find something else when I added the weapon light. A few suggestions I have is the "fuzz" gcode offers as an option would be a nice touch to this holster. Also it seems this sticks out a little further from with the way the mount is set up. A little lower profile would be better but it's manageable. Lastly it seems where the trigger guard meets the holster has a significant gap, big enough for a finger to get in to, that may cause issues if you're ever climbing through brush, with twigs or a combative person finding their way to the trigger.

Crestone L2 Duty Holster for FN509

Posted by Andrew, 18th Jan 2021
Really solidly built duty holster. Fits the 509 real well. Well made and finished. Turn around time was fast.
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