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   The Antero Range Kit package deal provides an OWB Antero Holster, a Double Magazine Carrier, and Redcloud EDC Cobra Buckle Belt for 10% off the MSRP pricing if purchased separately. This simple yet complete range kit provides the minimum equipment required to attend most Pistol/Handgun Beginner to Advanced shooter courses. 

  • Holster and Magazine Carrier are available in Black and will match based on the holster color selection
  • A Redcloud EDC Cobra Buckle Gun Belt in Black will be provided as part of this package in the selected size.  
  • *** See below information for selecting the proper size belt ***

   To order the correct size Redcloud EDC Belt, see the information below or call for assistance (720) 453-3903. *** If you do not follow the instructions below and order the incorrect size, you may be charged a fee plus shipping in order to get you the correct belt size.*** 

  1. Measure your actual waist while wearing the type/style pants you plan to wear while shooting, not your pant size.
  2. Select a belt which is closest to the middle of the range for the sizes below. Plan for the Holster and Magazine Carrier to require 2 to 3 inches of extra belt length to ensure a comfortable fit. 
  3. It may be necessary to wear the EDC belt with the tail running to the right or left in order to ensure your holster fits properly depending on your holster type and location of carry.  



Small                        28-34

Medium                      32-38

Large                           34 -40

Extra Large                   36 - 42

Double Extra Large         38 - 44

Triple Extra Large             42 - 46